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    APOGEUS COM SRL, a privately owned romanian company, is focusing it's activities on two major directions:
  • transportation of freight by road
  • production and distribution of soft drinks

Transportation of freight

APOGEUS carries out transportation of freight by road, offering it's services to romanian and foreign companies from various economic fields.
To the benefit of these companies, our company carries general freight, oversized, hazardous (ADR) or perishable goods.
Insuring quality services for our customers constitutes a constant requirement for all members in our team.
We have at our disposal a fleet of trucks baring standard payloads of 1.5t up to 22t, featuring bobtails, semi-trailers, open-top, full trailers, jumbo, isotherms, ice trucks, with/without ADR, as well as special oversized trailers. Learn more...

Production and distribution of soft drinks

Welcoming the public's desire to drink a good refreshment whenever thirst becomes overwhelming, we have purposely created the APOGEUS beverages.
We manufacture soft drinks with 1% fruit juice, under our own trade marks Vitafresh and Alema, as well as the Doraqua purified water, in a wide range of assortments from which any of you can surely choose something after your own taste.
Our ingredients are the most invigorating aromas and the secret of producing the best refreshments.

Come, step in and choose your taste !

Moreover, we provide transportation and distribution of the APOGEUS products throughout the country, using our own logistics, in a continued effort of bringing close to you the soft drinks that you all want and appreciate. Learn more...